Terms of Service
By using www.wolf-haven.com, henceforth referred to as Wolf-Haven, you are automatically bound by these terms of service. Violation of any of these terms, intentional or otherwise, will result in punishment given out at the staff’s discretion. These terms may be altered, modified, and/or changed without notification or consent.

Account Creation
1A. By registering and playing Wolf-Haven, you agree that you are 13 years of age or older.
1Ai. Although you must be the age of 13 to play Wolf-Haven, you must be at least 16 years of age to join and use the chat box given that the rules are more lenient and the discussions are orientated towards more mature users.
1B. Understand that, while a player may create an unlimited number of accounts, interaction between any of the accounts is prohibited. These “interactions” include, but are not limited to: exploiting the referral system to gain the benefits, using multiple accounts to accumulate money and/or points, transferring money and/or points between your accounts, being in the same pack, being mates, or attacking another account owned by you.
1Bi. Even if through a “middle man”, exploiting features to ultimately gain yourself or your pack money or points will count as an interaction and you will be punished for it.
1C. Users on the same IP will be treated as duplicate accounts and must adhere to the above rule, even if the accounts are played by separate people in the same household.
1D. You must provide truthful and accurate information to us in creating your account. If Wolf-Haven has reasonable grounds to suspect that you have provided any information that is inaccurate, not current or incomplete, your account may be suspended or your ability to use and access Wolf-Haven terminated.
1E. The use of proxies or IP changing programs are strictly prohibited.
1F. Accounts and Account Customs may not be sold for real-world currencies (GBP, USD, AUD, etc).
1Fi. We will not protect account sales made using Points or account trades, these are done at your own risk.
User Conduct
2A. All personal information must remain personal. You may not request or give out personal information. This includes, but is not limited to: the city of your residence, the name of your school/work/places you frequently visit, your last name, your address, etc. This also includes links to social networking sites, where the previously mentioned information may be present. Basically, anything that could allow someone to find you is prohibited for your own safety.
2B. Any form of discrimination is prohibited, regardless of your own race, values, gender, etc.
2C. Posting, transmitting, promoting, or distributing any content that is illegal or pornographic in any nature is forbidden.
2D. Harassing or threatening any user of Wolf-Haven is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to name calling, arguing, continual contact after being asked to stop, talk that would make the other players uncomfortable, etc.
2Di. If you see an argument taking place in an area such as the chat box, please refrain from getting involved and immediately notify an Administrator or Moderator.
2Dii. If you’re in the argument, comply with users requests to stop regardless of whether they are staff or not. If you become hostile towards a user requesting the argument stops then you will face a more severe punishment. Although we understand there are sometimes tensions between users, becoming hostile towards a user who isn’t involved will not be tolerated.
2E. Impersonating any member of the staff is unacceptable and will result in an immediate ban.
2F. Given that a majority of the users are supporters of wolves, please refrain from making anti-wolf comments.
2G. Disputing/Arguing a decision made by a staff member will result in punishment.
2Gi. Although we understand you may be upset if a friend has been banned, please do not ask for reasons and do not cause issues on their behalf.
2H. Discussions based on ideologically sensitive matters are strongly discouraged and will be asked to cease. This includes Cat Vs. Dog topics, hunting and heated political debates.
2I. Advertising is strictly prohibited unless we're affiliated with said site or it is a 'public' website such as Google, YouTube, etc.
2Ii. Please note that while advertising is prohibited, we do not mind links to external websites being placed on profiles as long as they comply with section 2I.
2Iii. Creating an account purely to advertise will lead to all links being removed and your account banned.
2J. Be mature and do not behave in a sexual manner, this may lead to a mute or ban.
2K. Actions off-site may result in on-site punishments if they are linked to Wolf-Haven. This includes actions such as: Advertising on other websites without permission, making slanderous comments in regards to Wolf-Haven or posting content that may damage the reputation of Wolf-Haven.

3A. Attempts to modify the game or compromise Wolf-Haven’s security may result in account termination and prosecution.
3B. Any exploit or loophole found must be immediately reported to a member of the staff and nobody else. Exploitation of any bug/loophole/etc to gain an unfair advantage will result in an IP ban.
3C. Anyone found intentionally trying to test security or find exploit will be permenantly banned. Excuses such as trying to 'test' the scripts or security will not be accepted.
3D. The use of automated scripts to gain an unfair advantage will lead to your account being banned and all gains removed.

Roleplay (RP)
4A. Refer to the stickied topics on each forum category for more detailed instruction on what is or isn’t allowed in that particular category.
4B. Please refrain from using Chatspeak (lol, ur, u, any1, etc...) while roleplaying.
4C. Do not, under any circumstances, "godmode", "powerplay", or "metagame" while roleplaying. If you are unsure what these terms mean, please look them up or ask a forum moderator.
4D. Kindly learn the difference between in-character and out-of-character before you roleplay. Just because somebody’s character is crude or unkind does not mean the player is insulting you.
4E. Make it obvious when you’re speaking out of character by using an ‘OOC:’ prefix.
4F. Be polite and use your common sense. If you have any questions, ask a forum moderator.
4G. Be mature and refrain from making your Role Play adult orientated; given that Wolf-Haven is aimed at those 13 years of age and older.

5A. Wolf-Haven takes no responsibility for the images created and submitted by users.
5B. Wolf-Haven cannot be held liable for any damage caused by user submitted content.
5Bi. We trust that art made by the volunteer Wolf-Haven artists has been done by themselves in a legal fashion. If it is found that an image infringes on the copyright of someone else, we encourage you inform us at Admin@Wolf-Haven.com so we can deal with the situation quickly.
5C. All Wolf-Haven made images, even those which represent user characters, are copyrighted to and possessions of Wolf-Haven.
5Ci. All custom images are copyrighted to Wolf-Haven, regardless of whether the template was edited or not. The 'custom' is your Wolf-Haven Character and is thus copyrighted to Wolf-Haven. We do not claim ownership of the design but only of the images themselves.
5Cii. Users who have committed fraud against Wolf-Haven may have their account and custom auctioned off to recuperate any losses.
5D. You may not use any Wolf-Haven image without getting authorization from an admin.
5E. When submitting art to the art boards or using art on your profile, if the art is not by you, please ensure a copyright to the respective artist is included.
5F. Anyone found claiming art wrongfully as their own will recieve a warning, this will be done regardless of any excuses you may have.

6A. You agree and confirm that you have permission from the bill payer to donate to Wolf-Haven.
6B. Attempts to force a refund for a redeemed donation will be fought and treated as fraud. Your account and the accounts sharing your IP will be banned permanently.
6C. You understand that donations made through payment methods other than PayPal cannot be refunded by us.
6D. You accept that, despite section 6D and its subsections, a refund is not guaranteed. 
6E. You acknowledge that the creators of Wolf-Haven can spend that donation money as they see fit.

Account Standings
Every user on Wolf-Haven is given an account standing which is initially zero. Actions on site can raise or lower an account standing depending on what the action is. Harmful behaviours will lower an account standing depending on the severity of the action whereas helpful behaviours will raise a user?s account standing. Depending on their account standing a user may face more or less restrictions when using Wolf-Haven.

It must be noted that positive standings are limited to a specific account whereas negative standings will also apply to additional accounts owned by a user. If you have an account with a negative standing then you can consider any side accounts as also having negative standing.

Default Standing (0) - This standing is fine and is the minimum we wish to see users having.
Negative Standing (<0) - Users with a negative standing will be under the scrutiny of staff significantly more. In addition to this, users with a negative standing are prohibited from using Wolf-Haven to make any sales or trades. Users found doing so will face further punishment.
Positive Standing (>0) - Users with a positive standing will be eligible for random rewards and treats, they will also be under higher consideration if they apply for any staff positions and will face more relaxed rules in regards to custom wolves.

Wolf-Haven staff have the right to modify an account without having to provide a reason nor give prior notification. All contents of the website including, but not limited to: Images, Content and coding are all copyrighted to Wolf-Haven.com

Wolf-Haven cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by the result of using the website, this includes, but is not limited to user contributions. You accept that you're using the website at your own risk.